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Humble Chocolates

Hit-the-Trail Bites

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Trailblazers, these are for you! And, if after months of lockdown and working from home your idea of a good hike is a walk to the community mail box, that's okay! You can still get that sense of outdoorsy accomplishment with our Hit-the-Trail Bites! They're little bundles of salted peanuts, toasted almonds, chewy dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds victoriously bound together in a lightly-sweet 54.4% dark chocolate. 

Enough energy to get you there and back, with delightful textures along the way.

150 g per bag.

Perfect for when:

  • You're feeling a little hangry
  • The kids are whining for a treat
  • Mercury is in retrograde (or not)
  • You feel victorious for parking at the far end of the parking lot
  • You're thinking about going for a hike, some time in the near-ish future
  • Gift giving

 *And, just to be clear, hiking on a hot day with these in your backpack is probably not a great idea. Chocolate is melty. Consider these a reward for when you return from traversing the Bruce Trail or even just from the end of your driveway.


Our caramels and chocolate truffles have been created with shelf life in mind, but they are best when fresh. Please consider these guidelines when purchasing our goodies for the best flavour and texture experience.

Caramels will last well for 3-4 weeks if stored in the fridge. Let them soften a little at room temperature if you prefer a softer chew. If kept too warm, caramels will be sticky and difficult to unwrap. We don't recommend forgetting them at the bottom of your purse.

Chocolates & Truffles

Chocolate is melty so please keep our truffles cool! However, chocolate should not be kept in the fridge either--room temperature should be just fine.

If you notice a white or pale discoloration, that's called "blooming". Your treat hasn't spoiled but it might not be as awesome as it could be.