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Humble Chocolates

Pineapple Coconut Tanzanian Dark Chocolate Mendiant

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Way tastier than a hockey puck, this 75% dark chocolate puddle is intense with cocoa flavour. Wishing we could travel to tropical places, we decided to stay home and play with tropical ingredients instead. In this case, sweet crystalized pineapple and crunchy toasted coccnut. We suggest eating them upside down (the mendiant, not you) so you get the flavours hitting your tongue all together.

In case you're curious:

Historically, mendiants have four traditional fruit and nut toppings, each one representing the four Roman Catholic mendicant monastic orders and the original colour of their robes during the Middle Ages.

Just something to keep in mind if it ever comes up during Trivial Pursuit.


4 mendiants per box.


Our caramels and chocolate truffles have been created with shelf life in mind, but they are best when fresh. Please consider these guidelines when purchasing our goodies for the best flavour and texture experience.

Caramels will last well for 3-4 weeks if stored in the fridge. Let them soften a little at room temperature if you prefer a softer chew. If kept too warm, caramels will be sticky and difficult to unwrap. We don't recommend forgetting them at the bottom of your purse.

Chocolates & Truffles

Chocolate is melty so please keep our truffles cool! However, chocolate should not be kept in the fridge either--room temperature should be just fine.

If you notice a white or pale discoloration, that's called "blooming". Your treat hasn't spoiled but it might not be as awesome as it could be.